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A leaky roof is more than just a nuisance, it can be a destructive process that can quickly deteriorate the exterior and interior components of your home. Act fast and call OnPoint Roofing, Houston, Texas, to mitigate the affects on roof leaks. The expert roof repair team at OnPoint Roofing offer fast, effective and affordable solutions for roof leaks. Compromised, damaged and weather-worn roofing materials can gradually wear down, weaken and break down, allowing weather and rain water to leak and drain into substrate layers, eventually degrading these layers. If a damaged roof is further neglected, water will leak further into the home, causing water damage to structural roof and building components, beams, rafters, ceilings, walls, and eventually the interior living space of a home.

A simple roof leak can grow quickly into a serious water-damage problem, requiring tens of thousands of dollars to rehabilitate a home. Avoid the frustration, time and costs of major repairs by taking action with roof leaks right away. The roof repair team at OnPoint Roofing, Houston, have extensive experience locating, diagnosing and repairing the area around and below a leak to make sure the area is shored up, fixed and water-proof again.

Complete Roofing Services, Including Repairing Roof Leaks

Established in 2015, OnPoint Roofing, has become an area leader in roof repair, maintenance and installation, serving the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area and San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Rockport, Texas. OnPoint Roofing, Houston, is an Accredited Business with Better Business Bureau with an A rating. Remember that a tiny roof leak will not stay that way for long. A roof leak will only grow, so take care of the problem immediately, before it becomes a major issue, requiring major repairs. Trust the roof leak repair experts at OnPoint Roofing to positively identify the sources and locations of roof leaks and repair the layers and possibly the structural areas of the affected roof.

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