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Hurricane-Damaged Roof

As we all are aware in our region of Texas, hurricanes are the most destructive forces of nature and produce the worst damage to homes. If you have a hurricane-damaged roof, contact the roofing experts in restoring roofs damaged by hurricanes—OnPoint Roofing, Houston, Texas. We have repaired or replaced thousands of roofs in the area, and understand the forces and damage hurricanes can wickedly unleash on homes. Plus, we are highly experienced with working with insurance companies and can help you navigate the sometimes complicated insurance claims process. Established in 2015, OnPoint Roofing, specializes in repairing or replacing hurricane-damaged roofs. We provide complete roofing service to homeowners in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area and San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Rockport, Texas. We are proud to be an Accredited Business with Better Business Bureau with an A rating.

Hurricane Harvey Roof Damage

The notorious Hurricane Harvey is estimated to have caused more than $125 billion in damage in 2017, spawning 57 tornadoes, and is considered the most significant tropical rainfall event in U.S. It dumped an estimated nine trillion gallons of water on Texas. Plus, extremely high winds and heavy rain associated with Hurricane Harvey caused massive amount of roof damage in the Houston area and throughout Texas. If you have roof damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, it is not too late to take action. Call us today for a free inspection and estimate.

Repairing and Replacing Hurricane-Damaged Roofs

Repairing and replacing roofs damaged by hurricanes is a specialty of ours, and we take pride in helping our friends and neighbors recover after storms and natural disasters. While significant damage from hurricanes can be obvious, sometimes it is not. Damaged and missing roofing tiles, shingles, slate, and metal panels are not always visible from the ground. Other damage may not be visible unless carefully inspected by a roofing professional.

If you suspect roof damage following a tropical storm or hurricane, call the professionals at repairing or replacing damaged roofs, OnPoint Roofing. Problems with storm- and hurricane-damaged roofs usually become worse over time, and roofing repairs or replacement should be initiated as soon as possible.

Hurricane-Damaged Roofs and Insurance Claims

As an expert roofing contractor and specialists in insurance restoration and insurance claims, let us help you with the process by dealing with the insurance company to assist you in receiving your settlement to have your roof restored back to great shape.